Overcoming Disinterest in Conducting Webinars

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Apr 20, 2009

Every day I get at least 5 e-mail invitations to attend another
“don’t miss it” webinar and I’ll bet you do too. Nearly every webinar I’ve attended in just the past six months alone, I’ve found myself checking e-mail, making Twitter posts, letting the dog out and even taking phone calls “during” the webinar!

Maybe that’s why I’ve been reluctant to dive-in to the webinar scene with full force figuring attendees wouldn’t even be paying attention.

But then, last month I sat-in on a webinar that changed everything as I (along with an audience of about 200) was completely engaged—for almost two hours—and even wanted more!

Now, here’s an important fact: In this crazy economy, there is more NEED for people to learn new things QUICKLY and they don’t have the money or time to attend as many (or any) live in-person conferences and workshops.

As a result, more people than ever before are turning to webinars to both learn from and deliver content to the public and you and I MUST learn how to conduct webinars the right way and NOW.

Ever since that ah-ha moment last month, I’ve been on a personal crusade to find the ultimate process for delivering the most impactful webinar imaginable. And, I found it right in my back yard in Denver Colorado.

Join me, Marty Dickinson, as I interview Mike Zabinski and Judith Briles of the Denver-based company, Webinar Mentor, and together we will discover the true secrets and correct process of conducting webinars to promote your book, speaking, consulting or product business.

This rare and complimentary webinar event will be on Tuesday morning, May 5th at 9:00 AM (Mountain Time) and will last about 45 minutes with 10 minutes of question and answer time.

Of all the “don’t miss it” webinar promotions you and I get by e-mail, it feels kind of silly for me to suggest that THIS is the one most critical, absolutely essential webinar to attend of the year.

But, it is! Especially if you have been avoiding getting involved with webinars like I have. This could be your turning point and it definitely will be for me.

Claim Your Spot Now as you must register to attend.

I hope to meet you on the webinar.

All the best,
Marty Dickinson
HereNextYear, Inc.

P.S. Special Bonus!

I’ve worked out a special arrangement with Judith and Mike to give each attendee access to a brand new tool created by the Webinar Mentor. We’ll tell you more about it on the webinar, but for now, let’s just say the tool was designed to help you evaluate the potential of your webinar program…before you even conduct the webinar. This tool alone is worth $100 or more and you get it as an added bonus. The only way to get it is to attend the webinar on Tuesday morning, May 5th, at 9:00 A.M. (mountain time).

Web Marketing All-in-One Reference Guide for Dummies is In-Stock at Amazon

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Mar 12, 2009

Web Marketing All-in-One For-Dummies Book Now In-Stock at Amazon
My co-authored Web Marketing All-in-One Reference Guide for Dummies book is officially in-stock at Amazon. And, even though I haven’t seen the live version come in quite yet, it sure is exciting to know that it’s close to being in stores everywhere! Next week I will be interviewing my fellow co-authors about their book chapters and hope to get a few nuggets showcasing the most secret Internet strategy techniques.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon for you to order right now!

As a SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS, I’m offering 1 month access to my Level 2 membership program featuring the Internet Marketing Organizer tool. All you have to do is send a receipt to me by email at Marty@HereNextYear.com so that I have proof you’ve actually purchased the book and I will hook you up with a username and password to access Level 2. That’s a value of $141.00 and is my special gift to you for supporting our book project. [UPDATE: We now have more than $700 in bonuses available during our week-long book launch March 23-28, 2009!! Visit WebMarketingBook2009.com for details.]

Choose To Participate in the Economic Meltdown

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Feb 19, 2009

I hear speakers boast how they’re “ignoring” the economy or “choosing not to participate” or “not joining the membership to poverty”. Just today I received an invitation to attend a workshop called Marketing Through the Meltdown.

C’mon America. We’re better than this. Don’t ignore your life or your future. Don’t resign yourself to doom.

This isn’t a time for desperate measures. But it IS a great time for considering how your product or service is essential to someone’s well-being, that’s all.

And, I believe just about any product or service can be promoted as an essential component to someone’s well-being.

So, here are some steps for you to pick yourself up and change your mindset from one of attempting to ignore what’s happening to embracing the economic situation and moving forward and upward:

1) Know people are making money - Sure, lots of companies have been laying off and shutting down, but there are plenty of new business starting-up too. Before you can make money, you have to believe you can. Doesn’t that make sense? If you keep thinking “nobody’s going to buy from me, nobody’s going to buy anything!” then they surely won’t. Don’t get caught up with “who’ is making money exactly, or what industry. Just change your mindset by knowing in your heart and mind and even saying to yourself that, “In every economic downturn, people do find opportunity and I are one of them!”

2) Diversify – Adapt some of your current offerings to meet the new needs of your market. Our HereNextYear blog package is a good example. In January, we had a “soft launch” of the new package deal and had a record sales month. We just got two new clients yesterday for the blog package and that’s a $2500 product. Same service as what we would’ve done previously, just packaged differently to meet the needs of the market.

3) Acknowledge your lifestyle – Those that know me know I go skiing every weekend with my kids, sometimes once during the work week too. Sure costs money to make those trips even with paid season passes. There’s gas, breakfast on the way, dinner on our way home…at least we bring bag lunches! That weekly cost adds up, but it’s a lifestyle I want to uphold and it motivates me to continue to be positive and work hard to maintain that lifestyle.

4) Find what people are doing – When you find someone that’s not foreclosing on their home, hang around them. Find out how they’re spending their time, what seminars they’re attending, what they’re learning about, how they’re promoting their business.

5) Learn and expand - This is not the time to turn into a t.v. zombie and watch 5 hours of news or fall into a trance listening to old Pink Floyd albums or playing Captain Jack by Billy Joel over and over again. Once you find out what people are doing to be successful, give yourself a chance to learn with them. Take a video production class. Learn SEO for your Web site or get onto the social networking bandwagon and devote an hour a day to conversing with others online with Twitter or industry forums.

They say that when the economy recovers, the world will never be the same and that we will all be so much better off. What about your personal economic growth? Does it have to wait until the world fixes itself?

Of course not. Take this opportunity now TO PARTICIPATE in this economy. Because what you have to offer really is essential but only if you believe it is.

Tips to Ease the Fears of Public Speaking

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Feb 12, 2009

fear-of-public-speakingPublic speaking is one of the most feared things on the planet. You probably knew this because maybe you’ve experienced the same jitters (or death-gripping fear) on a stage or in front of an audience before. If you are in an industry that doesn’t require some form of public speaking then maybe you can apply some of these tips to networking (which is one of the most important skills for building your business)…

Those are some tips and techniques that have helped me tremendously in the past. Hopefully they can help you feel more prepared, more accepted – and less fearful.

Accountability Partners – Helping You Get Stuff Done

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Feb 9, 2009

small-business-helpIf you’re like most business owners, you have a long to-do list that only seems to grow each day, you have new ideas to increase sales popping in from every which way…but at the end of the day…nothing really seems to be getting done.

Or maybe it’s a new week, or a new quarter and you have written out a set of new goals..but you struggle to hit them week-to-week. Sometimes you just wish you could clone yourself – maybe even two or three times – so that you could make more progress.

One thing that I want to introduce you to today is the idea of getting an Accountability Partner. This is someone you can trust that has the ability to challenge you, expand your thinking and your abilities each day, week, or month.

Here’s how it works: You and your partner (see qualifications and suggestions below) set up a quick scheduled call or meeting once a week, or bi-weekly. Note: If you do one longer meeting once a month, it will not be as effective as accountability-partnershorter bi-weekly meetings/calls. The whole point of doing this in the first place is to keep each other on track – and a monthly meeting will be spent getting back “into it” instead of evaluating each others progress and creating new plans of action to get you closer to hitting your goals.

To prepare for the meeting, you’ll both want to:

This way, you are both ready to maximize your time together. During the meeting or call, you’ll first want to review progress made from the previous meeting. This is the tough part – you’ll need to hold your partner accountable for the goals on their list they did not achieve. You can do this by asking questions such as:

You will also want to praise your partner for their success. You could even ask questions such as:

doneNext, it’s time to review what you each prepared for the upcoming week(s), strategize how to overcome weaknesses, and motivate each other to move forward and get stuff done!

Now, how do you pick your Accountability Partner? Caution: Do *not* pick someone who will be easy on you, who will accept even your best excuses, or someone who isn’t as motivated to get stuff done as you are. This is the hardest part. You want to approach someone who will really push you to hit your goals and achieve a higher level of success. Otherwise, it will just be another “chat session” that you could have had with your best friend.

Now what? Today’s task is to pick your Accountability Partner. Then, set up your first meeting. Then, write out your goals and prepare for your time together. Then, you take action and tackle that task list to get your business on track to the next level. Happy partner hunting!

YourSmallBizCollege.com – The Super Saver For 2009 Businesses?

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Feb 2, 2009

YourSmallBizCollege.comThree years in development, over 10,000 hours spent turning over every rock online, and 2 partners…put all of that together and you’ve got a link www.YourSmallBizCollege.com. By clicking on that link, you will come across the most complete resource center for businesses that I have seen.

Their headline reads, “Calling All Business Owners: Finally! A One-Stop Complete Entrepreneur’s Resource Center Jam-Packed With Hundreds of Tools To Build Your Business in 2009…Even with the Economy’s Ups and Downs!

Their subhead reads, “Over 35 Categories About To Bust Loose With Trusted Tips and Tools: Video Tutorials, Business Planning Forms and Templates, Software, eBooks, Internet Marketing Training Webinars, Social Networking Apps, Widgets, and More!” Let’s just say, I was intrigued.

I now have access to the site, and thought I’d share my review of it with you. I’m sure you’ll come across a lot of promotion for this site. It is said that by the end of their first week, over 300,00o people will have received emails about this inexpensive membership site.

So what’s in this A to Z business site?

You will even find places to take business classes at Harvard and Yale online for Free.  They’ve purchased resell/reprint rights to over 40,000 e-books and internet tools just so you could use them in your product or service promotional efforts.

They also have:

I’ve only just begun to crack open this site and see all there is to see. It will probably take me weeks to take advantage of all the information.

I encourage you to go to www.YourSmallBizCollege.com and watch the video on the site set-up, read their sales letter on what is included, and see if it’s a good fit for your business in 2009.

Considering what’s inside, I was pretty surprised that they only charge $27/mo. to get access. The 2 partners, Darrell Hornbacher and Client Steiner, are business associates of mine…so I had to ask Darrell, “Why only $27 a month?” He says, “We understand these are challenging financial times.  We don’t want the cost of a membership precluding a small biz owner from taking advantage of a tool that can have an impact on their business.  For less than a dollar a day and a money back guarantee what do you have to lose?

A few of their fast action bonuses (to the first 100 sign-ups) include:

I’ve been told that a flood of people have already visited the site. To Darrell and Clint, “Great job and good luck!”

Go check it out, come back, and tell me what you think…