Best Memorial Day Website I’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Marty Dickinson on May 26, 2008

Freedom CallsMemorial Day is a time for us to give thanks to our military who are fighting for our freedom today and those who have given their lives in the process.

There many things that I give thanks for in addition to the miliary each Memorial Day including family membes, friends, people who have influenced me over the years.  Memorial Day is for rememberance…period.

This Memorial Day, I’m thankful for the Internet too. So I wanted to find a way to show how the Internet is an integral part of all of those things we give thanks for.  And, I found it in a non-profit organization called FreedomCalls.org.

As posted on their website…
“We provide more than 2,000 enterprise class family video conferences and more than 1.5 million minutes of free telephone calls every month saving military families $4 million a year from their paychecks over AT&T’s monopoly $0.19 minute telephone rates.”

FreedomCalls.org is the best Memorial Day website I’ve ever seen.  Why?  Because of what the organization accomplishes. They accoplish communication between family and friends who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford those communications. And, it’s a combined effort of the non-profit itself and the technology of the Internet that makes it possible in the first place.

This Memorial Day, consider something you can DO in addition to simply being “thankful” for our military and those who have given their lives for our freedom.  You can contribute to an organization that helps our active military keep in touch with their family and friends.  Contribute to FreedomCalls.org and give the gift of communication this Memorial Day.

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Coming from a family member of a soldier in Iraq right now, I find communication is key component to getting through life with this unfortunate event. At the beginning of deployments no one really knows what is going on and aren’t told much for security reasons. It is nice to see a group of people who care so much about our protectors and their families that they give them a way to communicate without breaking the bank. When my dad first got over there he was given a phone card so he could contact us and let us know everything is alright. Without that, who knows how long it would have been before he got settled in and we could talk to each other.

It’s amazing what technology can allow us to do. Great find and hopefully bringing this to your readers will help inspire a good future for this foundation but for future non profit organizations as well.

May 27th, 2008 | 3:15 pm
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