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Posted by Marty Dickinson on Oct 20, 2010

As your facebook profile or fan pages get more attention, you’re going to eventually have something go wrong with your facebook account and you’ll be searching forever for support of a facebook help issue.

Facebook might accuse you of being a spammer or one of your facebook “friends” might even turn you in by reporting you as an abusive wall poster. Maybe you just want to get your main facebook name changed and you know you can only change it once, which you’re already done.

There are countless reasons why you will eventually need to contact facebook customer service eventually. And, like many web-based systems of today, there is not a phone number to be found anywhere for support help. No, facebook supports its system entirely through support forms…dozens of them! If you have a facebook issue, use this resource for facebook support forms featuring 120 forms to use for your specific facebook support issue.

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