Coupons by E-mail is Best Way to Announce a Bargain

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Dec 11, 2008

DM News reported in its 11/24/2008 issue that a survey conducted of 1000 adults in October by Guidance/Synovate (wanted to make sure I gave full credit to everyone there) revealed that 45% consider E-mail to be the BEST way to learn about online bargains. What does that tell us? That almost half of us “spam haters” (and that would be you and me) actually prefer to learn about bargains by E-mail. In short…we “say” we hate spam, but we actually PREFER it too!

Now, let’s think about this for a minute. We’re willing to tie-up a commercial spammer by his fingertips for sending even one junk email that causes us to spend the energy to click a mouse to delete it from our email servers. But, we welcome emails telling us of sales and special deals?

Another statistic in the same issue from Retailermenot.com/Harris suggested 33% at lest occasionally visit coupon websites. 9% don’t buy hardly anything without checking for online coupons.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a news program and some company that makes coupons was about to hire 50 new employees because their coupon business was booming. Can’t remember who it was, but put thtat statisic together with that news program and it appears coupons are taking off.

And, one last statisic by Allen & Gerritsen showing 52% of women reported cutting back on their spending.

Put all of these buying statistics together and it means:

1. People are startving for good deals
2. Many will ONLY buy if there is a special deal
3. They want coupons
4. Email is the best way to deliver special deals
5. Therefore, make a coupon and send it to your list by email

So, the next thing I thought of is…I wonder how someone goes about creating a coupon? And, can one be created online…for free? Without a designer?

So, naturally I went on the prowl to find a free web-based coupon creator and found this one at http://marluckmarketing.com/couponmaker/.

I tried their process and in about 5 minutes of thinking about it created this coupon using the screen they’ve provided:

No graphic design skills needed! Didn’t even have to give my email address to this website.

Does this seem like something you can do? I’ll bet it is. So, what kind of coupon can YOU create to offer to your customers and prospects this week?

When you come up with the right offer, send it by email. Apparently it’s the most preferred way to learn about a bargain.

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Its funny how it can be a double edged sword. There have been many times when I have thought to myself “guh! why won’t stop sending me emails” only to see the company send an email to a coworker that I would have loved to received and had great offers.

Funny thing that spam is.

December 11th, 2008 | 5:40 pm
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