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Posted by Marty Dickinson on Nov 23, 2009

How Did You Do That! is that book—that book you’ve been looking for that could inspire you to change your own life. In this collection of amazing true stories you’ll find the courage to finally go for it and do that thing you’ve been yearning to do.”

Foreword by Mark Victor Hansen

There is power in true stories of accomplishment. When you learn how someone overcame a challenge that you too are struggling to overcome, it sets you free.

I am a co-author in a new book filled with powerful stories about achievement of heartfelt desires and the courage that overcame incredible obstacles. Stories like mine. I want to tell you about this book today, for two reasons.

First, it’s a great book sure to inspire you! But also because I am very excited to be a part of this book, and I want to ask you to support our book launch today.

How Did You Do That! features International Best Selling Authors such as Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup series, Barbara DeAngelis, Chris Howard and Brendan Burchard, and 30 other folks just like you …

Here are just a few of these inspiring and powerful true stories.

  1. Living Full Out

Diagnosed with degenerative eye disease at only 16 years of age, Nancy Solari went on to achieve her dreams as a singer and performer. She attended college, enjoyed an internship with Good Morning America, and worked at Entertainment Tonight. Although Nancy is legally blind, she lives full out – hiking, rollerblading, bicycling, bowling — she even shoots pool!

How did Nancy do it? She achieved her goals and life dreams because she refused to accept anything that would limit her. Obstacles most people would find daunting, she was able to use as inspiration. Nancy’s story will inspire you and fortify your courage, so that you don’t adjust to disabilities or fears by downgrading your dreams – instead, follow her lead and live full out!

  1. Cocooning My Way to “Live! On Oprah”

When Maritza Parra’s life hit bottom and she faced her greatest personal tragedy, she never imagined her self-invented coping method would lead her to being interviewed by Oprah on live radio. Maritza’s cocooning process took her from lying curled up in the fetal position to amazing success beyond her imagination in only two years.

Are you wondering what in the world a “cocooning” process is? As you read how Maritza developed her unusual process, you will learn how to create your cocooning process – a process that nurtures you while also encouraging forward motion no matter how traumatized you might feel. With Maritza’s tools for transforming your life, you can move from your own carefully designed cocoon into the world of your dreams, feeling empowered to spread your wings and take flight.

  1. Slum Lord Queen to Safe Homes Angel

Bonnie Laslo offers a delightfully surprising cooperative business model. She could have been content making her fortune as a property manager and real estate investor, but instead Bonnie created a unique approach to become what she calls a Home Guardian. She works cooperatively with her tenants in impoverished neighborhoods to transform the community and improve their lives in every dimension. Her management team educates their tenants about basic – but important – financial skills, such as how to open checking accounts and create resumes. You will be amazed how Bonnie found a cooperative way to resolve issues with neighborhood criminals so tenants are safer.

Bonnie has applied this principle to many businesses, and believes this approach of building cooperation with her consumers is the primary reason her business is recession proof. Bonnie’s story shows how you can create an innovative approach in any industry, making your business cooperative with your consumers. The rewards are far beyond monetary.

There are many more stories like these. Stories of humble beginnings and heroic endings, but they are also stories of “how” — how they did it, and how you can do it, too.

When all you know is the beginning and ending of a success story

getting your own “happy ending” can seem like a fairy tale.

But when you know how they did it

the story becomes real—and so does your dream.

I am proud to be a co-author of this powerfully inspiring book, and excited to bring you a great special offer. There is a wonderful assortment of empowering tools and priceless wisdom from leading experts to support you on your personal journey to achieve your dreams. All completely FREE when you buy just one copy of the book today. Go here to check it out: www.DoThatBook.com

If you are facing any hurdle in life, you will discover at least one person whose story will provide the answer and inspiration you need to clear that hurdle from your life. To achieve the kind of success these authors tell you about.

Then, very soon, people will ask you …



Thanks so much for your support today!

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