How to Calculate the Number of Blog Subscribers for Your Next Blog Tour

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Feb 21, 2012

If you are considering advertising on a blog site or want to plan your next blog tour, you’re going to want to target blogs that have a good number of subscribers. After all, you’re going to spend time communicating back and forth with the blog owner in both cases. Why would you want to spend all that time if no one is going to see your ad or your content?

Here are the steps to building your list of niche-specific blogs for your targeted marketing pleasure:

1. Find and visit the blog you’re thinking about advertising on or pitching to for a guest blog post or blog tour addition.

2. Look for the RSS feed link or RSS icon as I’ve provided here as an image.

3. Right-click on the RSS feed link and copy the link, which will look something like (I wanted to use a highly subscribed blog for example purposes):

4. Now copy this URL http://feedproxy.google.com/~fc/ and paste it into Notepad or some sort of file that you can make changes to.

5. Take the end of the URL you’re wanting to find the number of subscribers and paste it to the end of the feedproxy URL in step 4.

So, in this case, it would look like this: http://feedproxy.google.com/~fc/ProbloggerHelpingBloggersEarnMoney

6. Copy and paste that whole URL into your browser address window and hit your enter key and you will see
the problogger blog has over 150,000 subscribers.

7. Document the blogs you visit and their subscriber numbers by creating an Excel file or Google Docs spreadsheet. That way you can plan your ad campaign or blog tour knowing exactly how many people you will get your name in front of.

Blog tours and guest blogging are the two hottest ways to get web visibility in 2012. But, use a systematic approach to create your campaign so you don’t waste any time.

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