Intenet Access on Airplanes is Happening

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Aug 21, 2008

Every time I get on a plane to go to a conference or other business trip, I sit in the airport with my laptop connected to the Internet up to the minute we board. “When will they just offer Internet access on airplanes?” I wonder…..

The time has arrived! According to a post I saw on Information Week this morning, American Airlines is offering mobile broadband Internet on it’s 747 planes flying non-stop from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami to New York. More 3-hour or more flights will soon follow suit I’m sure.

Now, that still doesn’t help me much because I live in Denver. And, just about everywhere I fly is 2.5 hours or less. But at least a first step has been made. In a couple of years surely every plane will grant Internet access for at least those flights that feature movies.

The way it’s been described to me by some of my techie friends is that there will be a series of mobile Internet signal silos on the ground and an Internet connection box on the bottom of the plane. A seamless connectivity between the silos will enable you to keep your Internet connection in tact while the plane moves from one silo’s reach to another.

One of my personal worries is peering eyes from the seat behind me reading my email while it’s up on my screen or watching over my shoulder to see what website I’m checking out.

Actually, maybe even worse could be the uncaring freedom of speech porn lover that surfs adult sites while other peoples’ young children sitting by getting an eye full! Surely there will be some crazy stories to evolve as airlines….go online.

Still, the good with the bad, I’ll take the good. Internet access on airplanes is a very good thing and a long time in waiting. What is your view?

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