Stephen Pierce Disappoints at Big Seminar

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Oct 4, 2008

Last time I came to Big Seminar, I was excited to hear a certain few speakers would be presenting. Stephen Pierce was one of them. Stephen had a last minute cancellation at that time and one of my favorites stepped in, Eric Graham (the conversion doctor), who did an amazing and current presentation. I must say I would rather have seen Eric this time around too, but he wasn’t on the speaker’s ticket.

It’s not that Stephen’s info is bad, it just doesn’t start to offer what I believe the audience needs. He really gears his presentation to beginners, which is fine, but a great speaker considers ALL of his audience, even if he caters to a specific portion of that audience. And, I’m all for making back-of-the-room sales, and he had the table full of people forking over their credit cards, but it’s only fair to the audience of Big Seminar to report at least a few things that are happening new online. And, none of that was offered.

Do you think I’m off base here? Would you be happy sitting through a 90-minute presentation learning things like 5 Fundamentals of Making Real Money on the Internet? The answer was that you must:

1. have a rabit market of buyers
2. have a sizzling hot product
3. know how to generate the right traffic
4. have website that converts visitors to customers
5. have persuasive follow-up process

I mean it just seems almost too basic and something I’ll bet my 10-year-old could come up with. What do you think? If you got to present to 500+, would you spend 40 minutes talking about these five points?

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