Why Automated SEO Services “Still” Suck

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jul 26, 2007

Another one of my clients got pitched again…

“We will submit your web site and its related keyword to 800000 search engines once per month for 1 year. You can expect to start seeing results within 60 days. Your web site will climb up that ladder of other web sites on various search engines.”

All for $199 they claim.

Sounds too good to be true? It is, don’t worry! Here’s what the seo services companies know you don’t know if this offer is intriguing to you:

1) As a general rule, I am against pay-per-month, automated search engine submission systems. Search engines are too. If you submit your site every month to google, it will only be a matter of months before your site is blacklisted for spamming google.

2) There are only 40 or so main databases that all search engines draw from so when someone (and I hear this a lot) claims that your site will be submitted to 80,000 search engines, red flags go up in my mind.

3) No one will get you better search positioning unless someone (you or them) gets into your website to make changes to the pieces that matter to the search engines. The question to ask them is “who” will study the makeup of every page of your site and spend the time to make those changes.

With that said, I know that technology is ever changing and eventually there will be some sort of magic bullet for this. So, I would advise that if you choose to go that route, and just can’t stand the idea of paying more than a couple hundred bucks for someone to do the job right for you, that you create another web site or mini-site about something related to your topic and give it to them to do their magic with.

If that site can go for 6 months on its own at the top of the search engines like they claim, without getting blacklisted by google, then you might consider getting them involved with your bread & butter site. But, I would never use an automated submission tool or service with a main site until it was proven with another site that doesn’t matter.

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