Wireless Sync Now Synchronizes High Tech with Simplicity

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Sep 9, 2008

Wireless sync stands for wireless synchronization where you can bridge data between your cell phone and computer…without ever having to plug-in any hardware to dump or download those files one way or the other. How is wireless sync significant? Speed of dealing with prospects and customers. That’s it. That’s the only answer. Speed.

Imagine having a call coming into your assistant’s phone line. The person asks some qualifying questions and enters the info into their contact management system on their computer and then hits a button. You are then notified immediately by cell phone that you need to call the prospect.

Instantly, you receive a notice on your phone with your prospect’s name, phone, address, answers to questions your assistant asked, and whatever else might be important before you call the person back.

Imagine then (and here’s the real money part!!) that you called the prospect back in 30 seconds after he hung up with your assistant! Now, that’s speed! And, that’s the power of Wireless Sync.

Any business with more than one employee is always looking for ways to increase speed of data sharing. And, until today it’s been a really difficult chore. Wireless sync itself isn’t so new. It’s just always been expensive and really hard to setup.

I became familiar with wireless sync after a client got involved with a wireless sync company a few weeks ago and ever since they’ve been having setup issues and wondering whether they’re getting all of their emails. Getting email is part of most wireless sync programs.

So, this morning a press release caught my eye about a Denver company offering the first wireless sync system that can be setup in literally minutes. It’s easy and requires no IT staff to maintain it. They support it all for you. Checkout Wireless Sync by Visenza if you’re curious.

How does wireless sync relate to a blog that is about Website Waves? This is just another display how everything is moving mobile. More and more of our business lives are integrated with cell phones.

For example, Germaine Griggs was a speaker at Big Seminar a year ago and he showed me how every time he gets an order through his website, a custom ring tone sounds and displays the customer’s name, phone number and what they bought…right from his shopping cart.

You can make blog posts with your phone if it’s setup correctly. You can check email with your phone and text message and lookup where you are and where you’re trying to get to with maps. Cell phone usage is everywhere and in everything. And, still, I ask the question, Have you even looked at your website through a cell phone?

I really congratulate companies like Visenza for taking a complex process and making it so simple and fast to implement. You’re going to see more of these mobile device services popping up over the years. My suggestion is to “plug-in” so you don’t get left behind.

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