Accounting System Has a New Affiliate Program

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jan 8, 2010

Announcing the launch of Backroom Management’s Affiliate Program. This is a web-based accounting system that integrates G/L, job cost, time and billing, budgeting, financial analytics, break even calculators, financial statements, and even tracks your ongoing “conversion rate.”

What was that?

That’s right. An accounting system that uses a term we use in marketing and sales! What the heck?

The closest thing I’ve heard of that integrates all of those is NetSuite ($15,000 or so). But, Backroom Management’s accounting system is as little as $29.95 a month…that’s right…a MONTH!

Once you sign-up, you can get it to pay for itself by suggesting a few others you know to get it too.  Or, make an ongoing promotion to your list. For the right person, promoting this product could even be a very nice full-time job!

Anyway, here’s a banner ad to the system. We’re moving out accounting to this product as we speak. Once I saw a certain report that provides you with what-if scenarios using my existing numbers to project profit next year, I was sold. That’s like the ONLY report I would ever go into an accounting system for. But, I have to do all this craziness in Excel otherwise.

Backroom Management Web-Based Accounting System

Yes indeed, I’ll get a commission for this if you buy it through this link, but you can also bet I’ll be sharing a tips sheet with anyone who signs-up for it as to how you will be able to use your Internet marketing with this accounting system.

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