Can Internet Taxation Kill the Internet?

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jan 15, 2010

If you are an affiliate marketer who lives in Rhode Island, and want to promote a book or other Amazon product on your website for commission, forget it. Amazon will not let you become an affiliate to sell their wares. Why? Because Rhode Island taxes the Internet.

This is the look of things to come I’m afraid. Tax the web and watch companies stop selling things online. It’s just too much of a management load to account for taxes on every possible transaction and companies are not going to stand for it.

Unfortunately, as this taxation disease spreads, people will finally take a stand shouting “What are you doing to us!!” And, there will be some big movement then to reverse the process.

But, laws are much easier to prevent than they are reversing. And, there is no one in Washington to really stop this from happening.

I came across this video from Rob McNealy who is campaigning on a local level for office. He has a huge presence on Twitter and has used the Internet for years to earn his living.

You would be wise to support his effort financially or otherwise. We need someone representing us in Washington and here’s your chance to help get him there.


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